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14.-Retrato de Pepe Aguilar. by diegolopezmata 14.-Retrato de Pepe Aguilar. by diegolopezmata
Critique by OldSchoolHipster OldSchoolHipster/critique/1027948510">Oct 10, 2014, 4:22:43 PM

I want everyone to take note, this is one of the rarest events that can happen here, so pay close attention to this critique. This ladies & gentlemen, is a solid five-star review. They happen maybe a couple of times a year, and there has not been on in 2014, so this is the first.

Where do I start? At the beginning?

Usually, the lower the vision score, the better, but this is another of those rare instances where the standard rating scale must be set aside, so that we can dissect the piece from a globally accepted point of view.

I stared at this.

I discussed this on the page of another artist.

The artist even replied to the discussion elsewhere.

I found no flaw. I stared, I blew it up to max size. I tried everything I could to at least find a ½ star to steal from it. I could not.

Señor Aguilar es perfecto...

*Vision - 5 Stars

Living for so long in San Diego, California, I "get" the whole "Mexican" culture, and the mindset of the Latin people in general, so for me personally, the vision is crystal clear and unmistakable. Even for the inexperienced, just having any exposure to television, food, radio, magazines, and/or grocery stores in the United States or Canada, you will easily recognize what is going on here.

Mariachi/musician is the most expected guess if someone is not aware who the model is, and would more than likely have made both the closest, and logical of guesses.

The vision is clearly latin, the dark hair coloring, the grooming of moustache and hair, the nose and cheekbone placement in the face is unmistakable latin. The clothing and accessories are again latin in nature, nothing else can be seen except exactly what the artist intended. A vision that has a zero rate of failure.

*Originality - 5 Stars

Here is a dumb question: Is this image original?

How do I answer, except for how many other humans named Pepe Aguilar are there out there that are this man? It is five stars by default, unless there is a group of scientists somewhere that have cloned this particular human.

*Technique - 5 Stars

Blow this up to maximum size, what do you see?

Look at that hat. Not even a photograph could bring that hat to life-like this oil painting has. Lets look at a quick quote from the artist on the discussion had at DeviantArt.
I still love the idea of art been a physical object, a thing of beauty, something you can touch. The wonder of the object I guess.

Focus not on the tool but in the person that uses it,

digital art is also something you can put your soul into, however more ethereal, however lacking the wonder of the object, but behind that fragile and ephemeral clothing lies the same emotions the caveman had when he was painting on the walls of caverns. Our soul, our expression runs through any structure, through any disguise. The media changes, but doesn't determines who we are, what we deem important or sacred. We want to live it all, my sister and I, like a renaissance artist, sculpture, clay in our hands, oil, bronze, all the textures and all the media that go right in to the drawing, to the modeling, go against the specialization a wider our horizons drinking in all fonts, like the caveman that build his lance and adorned it, go hunting, cooked and build his bed, a man who does it all instead of being in a line assembly performing the same boring task 8 hours a day. We are meant to be versatile, an adaptable curious animal that feels unhappy with repetitive tasks.
When you look at their profile page, you can see the years of dedication they have put into their art, the knowledge, the wisdom, the living and learning through age and their creations during it.

The embroidery on the jacket and the bow tie, how does one even describe how that is done? The features of the face, the clean-cut of the hair, the moustache, the bow tie, the look in the eyes, everything in the most intricate of detail, one that could create jealousy in the highest of quality digital cameras. The technique is indescribable, the brush strokes of the oil, the texture those strokes add to the depth, this is a work that is of museum quality, which some of the artists works already are housed in.

*Impact - 5 Stars

Most of my exposure in the Latin culture has been north of the capital city, with some visits in selected areas in Central America, and a vacation in Europe, where I spent a brief time in Spain, Portugal, & Italy. So just the viewing of this image over the internet has brought those memories back to life, what would it be like to view it in person I ask myself.

I feel the heat of Guerrero Negro as the army checkpoint that separates Baja Norte, and Baja Sur. I can hear the waves of the ocean pounding on the shores of La Paz. I can feel the energy of the hustle and bustle of the traditional but modern capital city. The happy faces of visitors in Cancun as they pass by this man. The Mariachi band playing to customers at a Carlos & Charlies in Cabo San Lucas, local vacationers waving at this man as he passes by down the street in Acapulco. For the seasoned Gringo, this man in all of his glory, being brought to life in this oil painting, is enough to make me smile, and regret that I am not in those places, with this man, sojourning in his land.

Señor Aguilar is a man worthy of great respect, because this painting has given it to him, through the hands of its master, someone who Señor Aguilar must equally respect, because of the power and presence the artist has shown me.

5 stars is an easy call here, It is not one I like to make, because it means that I have failed to find room for improvement that the artist can use to better their craft. But sometimes, there is no need for improvement, when you have reached that point of perfection.

Like a few others I have touted, I sternly suggest you put this profile on your watch. There is much to be learned here, there is much to be enjoyed here, and there is much to be respected here.

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What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
8 out of 9 deviants thought this was fair.
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OldSchoolHipster Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
I will return with a critique.
maria39 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Wow! Great work! Beautiful picture!
diegolopezmata Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much! It's an oil painting, glad you like it! Best regards.
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